Thursday, July 23, 2015

Advocate to Ambassador to Miles Emotional Journey.

From the minute I was officially diagnosed with Epilepsy, I have been an open book about my seizures, my struggles, accomplishments, and how far I feel like we have come with this condition. An advocate is the right word. I dabbled in the fundraising, I taught my classmates, I righted injustices where I saw fit, but it wasn't until I became a parent that I really felt this gut-wrenching need to do more.

Once I had my son, it was like a light went on that I had never known was extinguished.

 He will always be my baby

I started to think about what kind of world he would grow up in and that included the remaining stigmas for people with Epilepsy - including his own Mom. And what I wanted him to know about what I had. And if the education wasn't out there - was I really doing my job?

It was then that I realized that educating kids about Epilepsy, the brain, anti-bullying, how they can help, and telling my own personal story would get the message circulating right where it needed to be.  Fortunately, it was at this same time that an amazing girl - Cassidy Megan - was starting Purple Day! I proudly became an Ambassador for The Anita Kaufmann Foundation and, well, the rest is history.

7 years later, I am in different classrooms all the time. And, sometimes, Logan is with me. He is what brought me here and why I feel the drive to do what I do.

Logan helping with Purple Day fundraiser

Now, he is also one of my favorite walking buddies. He knows that every step he logs on his total goes to "Step Up to Epilepsy Awareness" and with the way he moves - trust me he is killing me! :)

How are your miles going? Any more to add to my Followers' Totals?

Monday, July 13, 2015

A moment of celebration and what's all that junk on my wrist...

What does hitting 1,000 miles feel like? It feels like...well, THIS...
Happy Dance Time

And, if it seems like I got from just over 900 to 1,000 fast, well not to toot my own horn, but...I DID! We have been walking/running/sprinting machines! My family and I have not sat down until we have hit 7, 8, 9 miles on any given day and that is how we have gotten to this amazing goal so quick!

I know, I know...there is still 1,015 to go, you say. Well, shame on you - glass half-emptiers. You want to tell me there isn't a cure out there too? I say, 1,015? Bring it on! And, a cure? It's there. The strides that have been made in the 18 years since I have been diagnosed are AMAZING (understatement) and they keep coming. The brain is still a great unknown...but scientist are also miracle-workers and they will make it known and find what we all want to know. Just you wait and see.

Glass half-full.

Now, a lot of you kept asking how I am tracking these miles and I am so sorry I haven't given the shout out earlier...
Surprised I can lift my wrist with all this junk

I track my steps using the amazing Fitbit HR shown here all the way to the right - - naturally in PURPLE! :) It tracks steps, calories, stairs, sleep, almost everything! While we are at it - I should give a shout out to the fabulous Lauren's Hope that fashions my Medical ID bracelets. I LOVE them. I have interchangeable ones. This is my Summer model and it's WATERPROOF. For real.

So, July has proven to be a good month so far...even with some medicine switches that I thought were going to dampen the season. Always look for the silver linings, my friends.

How about you? How are my walkers? Can I add some steps to your totals?

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Breaking the 900 mark...and a little bit of motivation

I'm baaaaaaack! WOW! Seeing that my last post on here was from the end of April is disturbing and frustrating and I am SO SORRY! There were so many factors in play - life intervened (naturally) and the site was hacked (seriously, I don't think any of you are interested in on-line gambling!) and, of course, I've been walking. But, really none of that is as important as making sure that I stick with keeping you guys up-to-date so for that I do truly apologize! :)

So, a quick miles update: I have broken the 900 mile mark (cue the highly dramatic fanfare - trumpet preferred)...I am at 904.3 miles! And, I am still seriously trucking along! These Summer days with warmer weather and more TIME to be outside I am averaging 7+ miles a day which is why even though I haven't yet hit the halfway point (and I know I should have) I am totally optimistic that I will. (I think I can. I think I can. I think can. No for real, I will.)

The other reason I will do you guys. I have A LOT of followers now. And, a lot of support. Who knew? I started this by saying... "I am going to walk...a lot. And raise awareness." And, boy, did this take off. So, quitting? Not an option.

And, you have also kicked it in to high gear. Since my last post I have gotten e-mails from you with a total of 642 miles to add to the thermometer! Check it out on the main guys rock!

So, 1,110.7 miles to go left me thinking about how far that actually is. And I typed it in to Google and it turns out if I started walking there right now, I would end up here:

And since this is my happy place...I think I have my motivation in the bag.

Happy walking! And don't forget to send me your miles! Or your thoughts, questions, or comments! I love hearing from you all!