Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Am I faster than a 6th grader? Happily not.

Woot! Woot! I'm baaaaaaack! Whereas I am so sorry for the long delay between these posts, I am so happy for the reason....I have been doing what I love and speaking in the schools! Every year during these months, I book up my days speaking to 5th, 6th, and 7th graders about Epilepsy, seizure first aid, my story, anti-bullying, Purple Day, living a good life, making good choices, and on and on and on. I love it - the kids love it - it's seriously the best.

Answering one of the kids amazing questions

This year, with my new "Step Up for Epilepsy" initiative in play, I gave some of the schools I spoke at the opportunity to also add an activity to their awareness day and have the kids walk or run with me and tally their miles so I could add them to the blog in my "Supporter's Miles". The schools were definitely interested in this! So were the kids! I learned quickly that this became a competition of who could get the most awareness miles. I also learned very quickly that I am NOT faster or as fast as a 6th grader. :(

But, I didn't care. A lot of the kids wanted to run or walk with me to ask me more questions. Like, "can a dog get Epilepsy?" Absolutely. Canine Epilepsy is often genetic, which is why it is more common in certain breeds. This is something that makes it different than what we see in humans.

Or, "were you angry when you were diagnosed?" Well, I was angry because a lot of people were telling me things they thought I couldn't do now that I had Epilepsy and they all weren't true. I wasn't angry about the diagnosis - that I could handle, I have a good support system, but I couldn't live with all the false things people were saying about me and Epilepsy. That's why I started talking about it and educating. It's also why I am still doing it today.

And, then this doozy, "do you think you will have another seizure?" I certainly hope not. But, there are days that I know it's a possibility. I just have to keep living my life positively and being healthy and strong. When you start to worry about that stuff is when things start to fall apart.

At the end of my "time in the schools",  I am blown away by how bright, intuitive, and sensitive our junior high kids are. I am blessed to be able to work with them every year!

My Total = 491 Miles (That's Right!)
St. Francis Xavier = 124.5 Miles
Park Jr. High = 330 Miles
Ogden Ave = 89 Miles
Those totals ARE awesome!!!