Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Resolutions and, Presence

With only 1 day, 7 hours, and 19 minutes (give or take) until the new year...I can safely say that I will complete these 2,015 miles. I have 3 miles (truthfully 2.93) left and I plan to finish them out tomorrow morning on a nice walk with pleasant company to my favorite destination throughout this whole local Starbucks. Realistically, I planned to finish on Monday and just really nail this thing but for those of you not in the know - Chicago had an ice storm. That's right - an ice storm. It was horrific. And, again, I declared over and over and over again that I am moving to Florida. But, I won't. 

So, today in order to stay on top of my miles - I went out in to a snowstorm (just a tiny exaggeration, but it was snowing) and got 5 miles done. Now, it's just those tiny 3 (2.93) left.
Clearly happy about the cold morning walk

So, a lot of you have asked if I will have post-goal depression - like when a marathon runner finishes their run after months of training. It's an interesting question at this time of year when so many of us are searching for resolutions to start out the new year. I have never been huge on resolutions - but this year I do have one. I want to be more present. Not so scattered or distracted. I love my life and I want to be a part of it. I think so many of us multi-task and handle so many situations that we don't ever enjoy any given one. I'm done. Or, at least, I'm going to try to be. ;)

Now, I am going to turn the question on you - what are your resolutions? Anyone angling to do 2,016 in 2016? If so, I want to hear all about it!! Anyone have any health goals in 2016? Anyone looking to host any Epilepsy Awareness events? Tell me more!

Thank you all for the continued support - there's definitely another post coming tomorrow when I cross that "finish line".

Until then...if there isn't an ice storm...get moving!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

It's the most wonderful Mom of the year...

Oh! It's that time of year again - the excitement, the wonder, the stress! Yep, that's right...I said it, the stress. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the holidays - but it sure does come with a whopper-size helping of anxiety and stress (2 things that I have doctor's orders to avoid). So, what's a girl to do when that perfect present/holiday/dinner is just not happening? I bet you think I'm going to say walk - but, no, I call Mom.

Sigh. My Mom. Truly the reason behind this whole project. Behind the 2,015 miles in 2015 for Epilepsy Awareness. No, she doesn't have Epilepsy - but she is my biggest cheerleader and she IS the biggest walker I know. And, she's the reason I started walking.

You see, about 5 years ago my Mom surprised all of us when she had to undergo open-heart surgery. This vibrant woman - my hero - couldn't possibly need this. But, it was going to happen nonetheless. And, watching her go through it was terrifying for me. In a way, I realized it was probably how it was for my Mom watching me struggle at times with my Epilepsy - such a role reversal. At that moment, I realized I was completely uninterested in a life without my Mom so I was going to do anything to make sure she recovered completely. And the doctor's prescription was to walk - and walk a lot.

The first day was just the hospital room, then the hallway, then at home it was half a block, then around the block and so on. Sometimes her "spicy" attitude came out when she wasn't feeling like it - but I loved pushing her. And secretly, I know she loved it too.
Mom and I celebrating recovery in the most magical place on Earth

My Mom has never looked back on that surgery. She herself has easily walked as many miles as I have this year - since she is often my walking partner in crime. And her purpose now is to selflessly get me to my goal - how the tables have turned. :)

AND - I am almost there. 1,964 miles and counting. That leaves me with 51 miles to knock out before we turn over to 2016. Ma, are you with me?

Sunday, November 29, 2015

The one about being grateful...

I have been a little on the emotional side lately with the holidays and thinking about all I have to be thankful for...stupid Thanksgiving for always bringing about what we have to be thankful for. :)

In a time when being busy, busy, busy is glorified sometimes it is nice to sloooow down a bit and think about the little (or big) things that make us so blessed. So, bear with me.

I am thankful for my health. That's right. I know what I have and I know what I have gone through. But, I also know that this year alone I have walked/run/crawled 1,877 MILES! And, an unhealthy body can not do that. I know that I have more energy than my kid sometimes and I still get mistaken as the younger sibling (sorry Jamie!!)

Thanksgiving 5K run adding some miles and family fun to my total!!

I am thankful for modern medicine! I have been through countless medicine switches to improve my quality of life and continue to live seizure free. As we advance in science, I have managed to eliminate a lot of frustrating side effects. Are they all gone? No way! But, we are learning more and more every day.  Keep it up, Scientists, you are AMAZING!!

I am thankful for my family, my friends, my support network! Life is not a solo battle. We need our peeps and I have cultivated an awesome squad. I hope that I am as there for you as you have always been for me.

Finally, I am thankful for positivity. There is too much negative out there. Banish it from your thoughts. The more positive you put out in the world - the more comes back to you. Start today.
Here's my favorite quote as inspiration: "Here's the thing about glitter: once it's out of the bottle, there's just no way of putting it back. It's the same with kindness. Once it pours out of your soul, there's no way of containing it. It just continues to spread from person to person, a shining, sparkling, wonderful thing."

What are you thankful for? Share.

And, how are you all doing? I am only 138 miles from kicking this goal to the curb!!! Anyone want to cross that finish line with me?

Friday, September 25, 2015

Let's talk about the "L" word...

At 1,445 miles I am literally killing it lately! I can thank a lot of tennis, walking with Mom, and a lot of motivation (thank you for all those lovely notes from followers - you rock!)

But, when the going gets good and the positivity starts flowing...I start to think about setbacks and the lovely "L" word...limitations. Trust me, I am the world's most positive this is not a negative thing. This is a realistic thing. And, for a person who lives in a world full of fairytales and magic most of the time :) being realistic is a good thing!

When I am educating about Epilepsy, one of the hardest questions I ever get is "What are your limitations with your Epilepsy?" It shouldn't be a hard question to answer - naturally, there are limitations. I can't drink alcohol. I need to get a certain amount of sleep. I should avoid stress as much as possible. I shouldn't do extreme sports. I have to be careful with strobe lights. There are others. But, the problem with that question is it is emotionally hard because no matter what -  I always feel a little defensive. I want to believe that I have NO limitations.

That feeling goes back to my 2nd very public seizure during my Senior year of high school. This time of year always brings that one back since I had it on the football field at my Homecoming football game while I was cheerleading. After I had that seizure, the response was overwhelmingly positive and helpful - but so many people were misinformed and I heard a lot of rumors that I wasn't going to be able to cheer anymore and I wasn't going to be able to go to college now and that my life was going to change a lot now that I was officially diagnosed with Epilepsy.

Homecoming Parade Fall 1996

Instead of getting angry and lashing out, I made it a mission to show that my Epilepsy was not going to stop me from accomplishing my goals. I was going to do everything they were saying I couldn't do and more. I set high expectations on myself. I had a lot to prove. I wanted to show I had NO limitations. And, that was not realistic. It took a long time to realize that limitations are how we stay healthy - how we stay sane - how we stay balanced. The "L" word shouldn't be a negative thing - it should be something that we almost celebrate because we are choosing to live the best life for ourselves, instead of pushing unnecessary boundaries.

However, I want to mention some limitations that I put on myself after my seizures that aren't super healthy. I haven't returned to the "seizure sites" since I had them. I haven't been back to the Football field of my old high school. And, haven't been back to my college since graduation. I just felt these were stressors I couldn't handle. Even this year, I thought I was going to go to the Homecoming football game - but I found excuses: housework to do (seriously), a wedding shower, my husband's own class reunion...that gave me an out. Next year will be 20 years since that seizure and I am setting a goal to make it back. I will limit myself no more.

Do you have good and bad limitations in your life?

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Oh's me and a new groove!

Hey there followers!!

It's just little old me and my 1,402 miles checking in after a looooong pause. :( But, I guess that's what Summer is for. A little bit of a break. Finding that sunshine, exploring the world, spending time with people that the school year keeps you from, lounging a bit, doing things that the new-found time allows...and then (insert sound of screeching tires and crying Mamas) comes the dreaded school bells and everything gets all crazy and shaken (not stirred) again!

In our family, Summer means breaks for two of us since I am a teacher of sorts, so my son and I relish the last day of school! We make the most of every single second of Summer spending a ton of time doing all sorts of wonderful things. So much so that we are NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER ready for school to start until the minute the bell rings. It's a horrible cycle. But, it is what it is.
Good Summer? Check. Back to School? Check.

And now that we are a few weeks in, I feel like I am back in to a groove. You know what has really helped that? WALKING. It's so therapeutic. I head out each day once I drop my son at school and walk through our town with my shopping bags and do my daily errands and listen to my podcasts or playlists of choice and get my head in the game. I am essentially getting my walking groove back!

So, am I on target to make this crazy goal of 2,015 miles in 2015? With 106 days left in the year and 613 miles left...that's a little more than 5 miles a day! Still ambitious but so is making everyone in the world aware of Epilepsy and Seizure 101 and Purple Day Every Day and look at where we are only 8 years later. (Don't know that story, check us out: So, yeah, 613 miles? WATCH ME!

And, join me!! Don't forget to send me your miles! And I am coordinating some type of event for December 30th to finish of the year (and my miles) with a (purple!) bang! Stay tuned...

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Advocate to Ambassador to Miles Emotional Journey.

From the minute I was officially diagnosed with Epilepsy, I have been an open book about my seizures, my struggles, accomplishments, and how far I feel like we have come with this condition. An advocate is the right word. I dabbled in the fundraising, I taught my classmates, I righted injustices where I saw fit, but it wasn't until I became a parent that I really felt this gut-wrenching need to do more.

Once I had my son, it was like a light went on that I had never known was extinguished.

 He will always be my baby

I started to think about what kind of world he would grow up in and that included the remaining stigmas for people with Epilepsy - including his own Mom. And what I wanted him to know about what I had. And if the education wasn't out there - was I really doing my job?

It was then that I realized that educating kids about Epilepsy, the brain, anti-bullying, how they can help, and telling my own personal story would get the message circulating right where it needed to be.  Fortunately, it was at this same time that an amazing girl - Cassidy Megan - was starting Purple Day! I proudly became an Ambassador for The Anita Kaufmann Foundation and, well, the rest is history.

7 years later, I am in different classrooms all the time. And, sometimes, Logan is with me. He is what brought me here and why I feel the drive to do what I do.

Logan helping with Purple Day fundraiser

Now, he is also one of my favorite walking buddies. He knows that every step he logs on his total goes to "Step Up to Epilepsy Awareness" and with the way he moves - trust me he is killing me! :)

How are your miles going? Any more to add to my Followers' Totals?

Monday, July 13, 2015

A moment of celebration and what's all that junk on my wrist...

What does hitting 1,000 miles feel like? It feels like...well, THIS...
Happy Dance Time

And, if it seems like I got from just over 900 to 1,000 fast, well not to toot my own horn, but...I DID! We have been walking/running/sprinting machines! My family and I have not sat down until we have hit 7, 8, 9 miles on any given day and that is how we have gotten to this amazing goal so quick!

I know, I know...there is still 1,015 to go, you say. Well, shame on you - glass half-emptiers. You want to tell me there isn't a cure out there too? I say, 1,015? Bring it on! And, a cure? It's there. The strides that have been made in the 18 years since I have been diagnosed are AMAZING (understatement) and they keep coming. The brain is still a great unknown...but scientist are also miracle-workers and they will make it known and find what we all want to know. Just you wait and see.

Glass half-full.

Now, a lot of you kept asking how I am tracking these miles and I am so sorry I haven't given the shout out earlier...
Surprised I can lift my wrist with all this junk

I track my steps using the amazing Fitbit HR shown here all the way to the right - - naturally in PURPLE! :) It tracks steps, calories, stairs, sleep, almost everything! While we are at it - I should give a shout out to the fabulous Lauren's Hope that fashions my Medical ID bracelets. I LOVE them. I have interchangeable ones. This is my Summer model and it's WATERPROOF. For real.

So, July has proven to be a good month so far...even with some medicine switches that I thought were going to dampen the season. Always look for the silver linings, my friends.

How about you? How are my walkers? Can I add some steps to your totals?

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Breaking the 900 mark...and a little bit of motivation

I'm baaaaaaack! WOW! Seeing that my last post on here was from the end of April is disturbing and frustrating and I am SO SORRY! There were so many factors in play - life intervened (naturally) and the site was hacked (seriously, I don't think any of you are interested in on-line gambling!) and, of course, I've been walking. But, really none of that is as important as making sure that I stick with keeping you guys up-to-date so for that I do truly apologize! :)

So, a quick miles update: I have broken the 900 mile mark (cue the highly dramatic fanfare - trumpet preferred)...I am at 904.3 miles! And, I am still seriously trucking along! These Summer days with warmer weather and more TIME to be outside I am averaging 7+ miles a day which is why even though I haven't yet hit the halfway point (and I know I should have) I am totally optimistic that I will. (I think I can. I think I can. I think can. No for real, I will.)

The other reason I will do you guys. I have A LOT of followers now. And, a lot of support. Who knew? I started this by saying... "I am going to walk...a lot. And raise awareness." And, boy, did this take off. So, quitting? Not an option.

And, you have also kicked it in to high gear. Since my last post I have gotten e-mails from you with a total of 642 miles to add to the thermometer! Check it out on the main guys rock!

So, 1,110.7 miles to go left me thinking about how far that actually is. And I typed it in to Google and it turns out if I started walking there right now, I would end up here:

And since this is my happy place...I think I have my motivation in the bag.

Happy walking! And don't forget to send me your miles! Or your thoughts, questions, or comments! I love hearing from you all!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Am I faster than a 6th grader? Happily not.

Woot! Woot! I'm baaaaaaack! Whereas I am so sorry for the long delay between these posts, I am so happy for the reason....I have been doing what I love and speaking in the schools! Every year during these months, I book up my days speaking to 5th, 6th, and 7th graders about Epilepsy, seizure first aid, my story, anti-bullying, Purple Day, living a good life, making good choices, and on and on and on. I love it - the kids love it - it's seriously the best.

Answering one of the kids amazing questions

This year, with my new "Step Up for Epilepsy" initiative in play, I gave some of the schools I spoke at the opportunity to also add an activity to their awareness day and have the kids walk or run with me and tally their miles so I could add them to the blog in my "Supporter's Miles". The schools were definitely interested in this! So were the kids! I learned quickly that this became a competition of who could get the most awareness miles. I also learned very quickly that I am NOT faster or as fast as a 6th grader. :(

But, I didn't care. A lot of the kids wanted to run or walk with me to ask me more questions. Like, "can a dog get Epilepsy?" Absolutely. Canine Epilepsy is often genetic, which is why it is more common in certain breeds. This is something that makes it different than what we see in humans.

Or, "were you angry when you were diagnosed?" Well, I was angry because a lot of people were telling me things they thought I couldn't do now that I had Epilepsy and they all weren't true. I wasn't angry about the diagnosis - that I could handle, I have a good support system, but I couldn't live with all the false things people were saying about me and Epilepsy. That's why I started talking about it and educating. It's also why I am still doing it today.

And, then this doozy, "do you think you will have another seizure?" I certainly hope not. But, there are days that I know it's a possibility. I just have to keep living my life positively and being healthy and strong. When you start to worry about that stuff is when things start to fall apart.

At the end of my "time in the schools",  I am blown away by how bright, intuitive, and sensitive our junior high kids are. I am blessed to be able to work with them every year!

My Total = 491 Miles (That's Right!)
St. Francis Xavier = 124.5 Miles
Park Jr. High = 330 Miles
Ogden Ave = 89 Miles
Those totals ARE awesome!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Getting Brainy in Minnesota

Some events are just so overwhelming that you have to process them before you can actually write about them.  This weekend was one of those events.

I went to the first Purple Day Walk for Epilepsy & Brain Games! It was emotional and amazing and crazy and just so beyond expectations I am having a hard time putting it all in to words!

Soooo cool, right?

The walk was held at Minnesota's famed Mall of America, which is just GIANT and an amazing venue for the walk. Everything was purple. Cassidy, the fantastic founder of Purple Day and special guest for the walk, has always talked about just wanting to see everything purple and I think we accomplished that. You could hardly see another color around!

It started in the morning with a PURPLE carpet and professional pictures - my husband and I jumped in on that action!

I know, we ARE adorbs.

And then, I was SO blessed to finally meet the fantastic women from the Anita Kaufmann Foundation that I have been working with for the past 5 years - Debbie and Ann Marie. They are the driving forces behind Purple Day here in the U.S. and let me tell you - meeting them was a huge thrill! For every question I have, for every time I'm stuck, for every single thing I need they are there for me...I couldn't thank them more!

Me and Debbie - can I bottle her energy?!? (Oh and a couple of Purple friends!)

Ann Marie - 1,000 hugs can't thank her enough!

Then Cassidy arrived with her mom, Angela, and they gave a moving speech which started the waterworks - Jeff called it that I would cry! But, truly having everyone all together made me realize what I am working for, why I am here, why I am walking, and how far we have come. 

Cassidy - what an inspiration!

After the walk, I was so happy to connect with so many others who share a similar story to mine - either advocates or who have Epilepsy or have loved ones who do. Our connections are so strong and we all want the same thing - the lingering stigma to go away. But, days like this make me feel like anything is possible. :)

Miles walked: 380
Awareness Raised: More than I can count!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

RIP Blueberry...thanks for the miles :)

I was completely obsessed with our car. It was more than just transportation - it was an accessory, a soundboard, if I want to be honest, a friend (so sad). We affectionately called it Blueberry because it's a very blue jeep and in homage to one of the best television shows ever - "Psych".

Blueberry was purchased just before our son was born so we had a 4-door car to bring him home from the hospital in. In Blueberry, we have roadtripped, celebrated good news, found our new home, adopted our dog, Flynn, and basically all grown up. But, through all that - Blueberry grew old and started to not be our reliable "best friend".

It was time to find a new Blueberry.

This became particularly evident when last Thursday, Blueberry didn't start and left me walking 12 miles all over town to run errands for the next couple days. (Mantra: Awareness miles. Awareness miles. Awareness miles.)

On Saturday, we went out and bought a new car. It's a blue jeep.

Saying goodbye to Blueberry 1.0

Total Miles = 301
(Thanks for those extra miles, Blueberry)

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My Dad's Snoring and Why I Love It

I said when I started this blog that I would get in to my personal story of Epilepsy and so far I have only scratched the surface. So, I dedicate this blog to my Dad's snoring.

I tease my Dad endlessly about his snoring - it is truly something out of Looney Tunes or an old Disney short (imagine a blanket rising up and down over the bed). But, in reality, the sound of my Dad snoring and the fact that he is actually sleeping is music to my ears. Here's why:

My first seizure was in the fall of my Sophomore year of high school. I was on a high - I was in the middle of an extraordinary tennis season that I worked really hard for, my grades were great, and I had an amazing group of friends. And then, one night I went to bed, I woke up in the middle of the night, and my parents heard me slam up against the bathroom door and engage in a 4 1/2 minute full body seizure. That's it - there were no signs, no symptoms, no stressors. My folks were blindsided.

To hear them recount this tale then - "we heard a thud, we tried to push open the door, there was nothing you could do, you just want to hold them and know you can't" - was horrible.  But, to hear them recount it now that I am a parent it is just devastating. I can't even imagine what my parents were going through, but I try and it makes us closer.

About 10% of the world's population has just one seizure in their lifetime, so after that first seizure and appointments with Neurologists, I was told to just wait it out and see.  But, my Dad didn't really sleep again. I can remember coming home at night, going to the bathroom at night, waking up earlier than him in the morning - in high school, Summers during college, even as an adult when my husband and I briefly lived with my folks while our house was being worked on and my Dad saying "Brig, is that you - everything ok?" And me saying, "Go back to sleep" with a smile.

Now 14-years seizure free and a parent and I finally hear my Dad snoring sometimes I think - yep, I get it. And, I love you too.
Daddy's Girl

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Grin and Bear it...

When you are still 25 degrees below the average temperature in your beloved city - sometimes you just have to grin and bear it.  So, this past week, my mini-me and I took to the streets of Chicago and did some a sleet storm. It was not my best walking and we stopped (twice) for hot chocolate and tea but at the end of the day we got in 5 miles and a lot of awareness!
On the train and finally warm

In other news, it is finally MARCH - which means we are celebrating everything PURPLE!!  Who's with me?!?! I have so many events (presentations, school walk-a-thons, lollipop sales) going on this month - but I am SO looking forward to the first ever Purple Day Walk for Epilepsy and Brain Games! Anyone joining me? You can register at :

Finally, I have to give a huge shout out to my followers!!  I have heard from many of you this month who have been walking like crazy (putting me to shame really) and your new total (insert trumpet fanfare) is 1,105 miles!!! Keep moving - I am SO proud!!

Monday, February 16, 2015

An ode to my husband and his challenge

Today Jeff made me go to the gym and made me get on a treadmill...I was less than enthused about it.
Not sweat he's wiping off

But, because of him I made the daily miles I need to keep at my ambitious goal and so I thank him. (Kind of.) But, really I have A LOT to thank him for.

My last seizure was February 21st, 2001. I met Jeff on June 26th, 2001. By that knowledge, he has never witnessed one of my seizures. Unlike my parents or my brother, he wasn't with me during those hard times of trying to balance life and seizures. But, I can honestly say that Jeff has been with me through some of the hardest times living with my Epilepsy.

How is this possible?

He was right by my side as doctors poked and prodded me for many years determining whether I could get pregnant. And then for the months I was pregnant - he was there for endless appointments assuring me that everything was "normal".  And after we had a wonderfully healthy beautiful baby - he was there when my medicine went wacko and we were told that it was ill-advised for us to try and conceive again.

Then he was there for SEVEN medicine changes to try and find a new medicine fit and all the lovely side effects that come with them - including the hospital visit for the life-threatening rash and the extreme weight loss. (Just to mention a few.)

And, he's there every time I say "I'm feeling a little strange" and he squeezes my hand and says "tell me how" and somehow I feel less strange.

And then there was today when after everything he's done and all the miraculous amazing things we do and overcome he tells me, "you know, I'm walking those 2,015 miles too."

AND HE'S ALREADY BEATING ME! (I need to up my game.)

Seriously how cute is he?!?

Now comes the embarrassing part...
Jeff's TOTAL MILES: 230 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Getting miles on strike and sounding the trumpet

Want to know what's great? When you get your awareness miles without even meaning to WHILE having fun!!

This weekend was crazy busy with the final two performances of Seussical: The Musical which my son is proudly a part of. On Sunday, after we all had a little sobfest that the shows were over and we took the adorable picture below, it was time to strike the fantastic set.

Striking a set is hard work - but fun! And, at the end of it all, I had totaled 15,000 steps for the day (not to mention the start of what I am sure will be some nice biceps come Summer #thankyouverymuch).

The tiniest Who with his super proud parents

Now, let's sound the trumpet for a moment because my Followers are amazing!!  I love hearing from you and knowing that you are all walking to raise awareness too - what a movement this is!  So far, you have sent in your miles - and I have totaled up 658....BAZINGA!  Keep them coming!

My Total Miles: 156.8

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Seizure-a-versaries and celebrating the little things

February is an emotional month for me...February 21st is my seizure-a-versary.  For those of you who have Epilepsy or who have a loved one who has it, you know what I am talking's the day that I wait for every year, the day I can say I have made it another year seizure free.

This year - if I am lucky enough - it will be 14 years since my last seizure.

It was February 21st, 2001 and I was a Senior in college.  I had just secured a job in broadcasting and I was moving to California right after graduation.  My roommate and I were celebrating my job by doing some retail-therapy at the mall and I hit the ground hard in a 5-minute tonic-clonic seizure.  Since, I was stupidly also chewing gum at the time, my breathing was cut off.  My roommate's mom retrieved the gum and was able to revive my breathing before paramedics arrived - I think about her all the time.

I think about that seizure all February long.  I think about it with every step I take towards 2,015 miles.

So, tell me - who are you walking for?  What seizure-a-versary is this?  In life, we have the celebrate the little things, so whether it's 3 weeks or 13 years...EMBRACE IT!

Celebrating 13 years in Disney - Hubby told me not to get used to that!


Monday, February 2, 2015

Snow Days and Shoelaces

Last night, we got 19.4" of snow.  In case you think that's a typo, I will confirm NINETEEN - POINT - FOUR INCHES.  For those who know me, I'm not a snow fan or a Winter fan or a cold this was an unwelcome visitor.  I can't even listen to the Frozen soundtrack today cause I'm so irritated by it all.

BUT - there is one silver lining.  My son's school has a SNOW DAY!!  Which means, we were in our jammies until 10 and he gets to lace up his purple laces for the first time and get some steps in with me.
Clearly not running at this moment

Again, there is no going outside to walk.  So we had a blast setting up an obstacle course in the house and running laps around to get in almost 2 miles!

And if you're wondering where you can pick up those adorable purple laces to match my son and I, check out the Purple Shop at

Miles to Date: 105 (not even thinking about how many to go!!)

Keep stepping up followers...and let me know how you're doing, I'm keeping track of you on my "Followers' Totals" - 275 Miles already!!! :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Momma makes you Move It!

There is nothing like a walking buddy to get your booty moving! And my favorite walking buddy is my Mom!
I have clearly not mastered the art of looking good in "The Selfie"

Due to the chilly weather here in Chicago, we have been forced to move our walking indoors, but our local walking establishment has windows which means we get to look at all the snow outside and remember that we are not in it! It makes the walking MUCH more enjoyable!

My Mom (who I am positive will be a constant guest star on here) is kind of a rock star.  A few years back she had open heart surgery and scared the life out of me and the rest of the family - as soon as she could walk again, we started walking to get her heart healthy again (and so I could watch her every single second of the day)!  And walk we did. And walk and walk and walk and walk. And she hasn't stopped since. That woman moves all the time. You would never know what she went through.

And now, she's helping me walk. We talk about an endless number of things and the miles fly by.

Total to date: 85 (!)

Don't forget to message me how many miles you are walking and I'll add them to my "Followers Totals" on the blog! Keep Stepping Up for Epilepsy!

And grab a's easier that way ;)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Why am I doing this (aka "Why you so cray cray??")

So, now that I am 20 days and 65 miles (!) in to this, I am the first to admit that it is an ambitious goal. First, it is COLD in Chicago and getting outside to move is haaaaaaaard. Second, getting steps/miles inside is much more difficult than you think. Third, sometimes I am just lazy. (You heard it here first.)

But, I am committed.  This will be done. 2,015 miles in 2015. All to raise awareness for Epilepsy.


Well, for almost 20 years I have been living with Epilepsy and I think that living silent with this disease gets nothing accomplished.  The more we raise or voices (or move our feet) to get the word out - the more people know about it and the more action happens and the closer we get to a CURE!

I was 17 years old when I had the "diagnosis" second seizure and it was in a pretty public out there forum - the football field of my Senior year Homecoming game specifically - my world could have ended there.  But, I decided instead to use that moment as a platform to educate and change the negative myths and misconceptions out there about myself and the other 50 million other people living with Epilepsy.

So, if anyone out there wants to join this crazy crusade of miles, education, and humor - let me know in the comments below.  Negativity doesn't belong here - positive we stand strong. :)

She has no idea her world is about to change on a football field

Monday, January 12, 2015

Day one (or day twelve, but I just figured out how to set this thing up...)

Huzzah! It's official because I am blogging about it! This year, we (currently meaning the Hubs and myself) are "Stepping Up for Epilepsy Awareness"!

But, what does that mean??  Specifically, we are walking/running/jogging/crawling (if need be) 2,015 MILES for Epilepsy Awareness.  I know, I know how does walking raise awareness?  Well, a lot of our walking/running will be done training for some big scale races...where we will wear some Purple Day swag.  I am also going to promote the program on the blog and through my talks at all my schools this year.  I am also encouraging people to join me! Walk, run, get your miles and let me know when you have done them!  Comment below...

Finally, we are going to do 3.1 of our miles at the FIRST EVER Purple Day Walk at the Mall of America in Minnesota! See below for more information or to join in on the fun!

So far, I have done...21.3 miles...hmmm...better get moving. :)
We are both so excited