Monday, February 16, 2015

An ode to my husband and his challenge

Today Jeff made me go to the gym and made me get on a treadmill...I was less than enthused about it.
Not sweat he's wiping off

But, because of him I made the daily miles I need to keep at my ambitious goal and so I thank him. (Kind of.) But, really I have A LOT to thank him for.

My last seizure was February 21st, 2001. I met Jeff on June 26th, 2001. By that knowledge, he has never witnessed one of my seizures. Unlike my parents or my brother, he wasn't with me during those hard times of trying to balance life and seizures. But, I can honestly say that Jeff has been with me through some of the hardest times living with my Epilepsy.

How is this possible?

He was right by my side as doctors poked and prodded me for many years determining whether I could get pregnant. And then for the months I was pregnant - he was there for endless appointments assuring me that everything was "normal".  And after we had a wonderfully healthy beautiful baby - he was there when my medicine went wacko and we were told that it was ill-advised for us to try and conceive again.

Then he was there for SEVEN medicine changes to try and find a new medicine fit and all the lovely side effects that come with them - including the hospital visit for the life-threatening rash and the extreme weight loss. (Just to mention a few.)

And, he's there every time I say "I'm feeling a little strange" and he squeezes my hand and says "tell me how" and somehow I feel less strange.

And then there was today when after everything he's done and all the miraculous amazing things we do and overcome he tells me, "you know, I'm walking those 2,015 miles too."

AND HE'S ALREADY BEATING ME! (I need to up my game.)

Seriously how cute is he?!?

Now comes the embarrassing part...
Jeff's TOTAL MILES: 230 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Getting miles on strike and sounding the trumpet

Want to know what's great? When you get your awareness miles without even meaning to WHILE having fun!!

This weekend was crazy busy with the final two performances of Seussical: The Musical which my son is proudly a part of. On Sunday, after we all had a little sobfest that the shows were over and we took the adorable picture below, it was time to strike the fantastic set.

Striking a set is hard work - but fun! And, at the end of it all, I had totaled 15,000 steps for the day (not to mention the start of what I am sure will be some nice biceps come Summer #thankyouverymuch).

The tiniest Who with his super proud parents

Now, let's sound the trumpet for a moment because my Followers are amazing!!  I love hearing from you and knowing that you are all walking to raise awareness too - what a movement this is!  So far, you have sent in your miles - and I have totaled up 658....BAZINGA!  Keep them coming!

My Total Miles: 156.8

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Seizure-a-versaries and celebrating the little things

February is an emotional month for me...February 21st is my seizure-a-versary.  For those of you who have Epilepsy or who have a loved one who has it, you know what I am talking's the day that I wait for every year, the day I can say I have made it another year seizure free.

This year - if I am lucky enough - it will be 14 years since my last seizure.

It was February 21st, 2001 and I was a Senior in college.  I had just secured a job in broadcasting and I was moving to California right after graduation.  My roommate and I were celebrating my job by doing some retail-therapy at the mall and I hit the ground hard in a 5-minute tonic-clonic seizure.  Since, I was stupidly also chewing gum at the time, my breathing was cut off.  My roommate's mom retrieved the gum and was able to revive my breathing before paramedics arrived - I think about her all the time.

I think about that seizure all February long.  I think about it with every step I take towards 2,015 miles.

So, tell me - who are you walking for?  What seizure-a-versary is this?  In life, we have the celebrate the little things, so whether it's 3 weeks or 13 years...EMBRACE IT!

Celebrating 13 years in Disney - Hubby told me not to get used to that!


Monday, February 2, 2015

Snow Days and Shoelaces

Last night, we got 19.4" of snow.  In case you think that's a typo, I will confirm NINETEEN - POINT - FOUR INCHES.  For those who know me, I'm not a snow fan or a Winter fan or a cold this was an unwelcome visitor.  I can't even listen to the Frozen soundtrack today cause I'm so irritated by it all.

BUT - there is one silver lining.  My son's school has a SNOW DAY!!  Which means, we were in our jammies until 10 and he gets to lace up his purple laces for the first time and get some steps in with me.
Clearly not running at this moment

Again, there is no going outside to walk.  So we had a blast setting up an obstacle course in the house and running laps around to get in almost 2 miles!

And if you're wondering where you can pick up those adorable purple laces to match my son and I, check out the Purple Shop at

Miles to Date: 105 (not even thinking about how many to go!!)

Keep stepping up followers...and let me know how you're doing, I'm keeping track of you on my "Followers' Totals" - 275 Miles already!!! :)