Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Oh's me and a new groove!

Hey there followers!!

It's just little old me and my 1,402 miles checking in after a looooong pause. :( But, I guess that's what Summer is for. A little bit of a break. Finding that sunshine, exploring the world, spending time with people that the school year keeps you from, lounging a bit, doing things that the new-found time allows...and then (insert sound of screeching tires and crying Mamas) comes the dreaded school bells and everything gets all crazy and shaken (not stirred) again!

In our family, Summer means breaks for two of us since I am a teacher of sorts, so my son and I relish the last day of school! We make the most of every single second of Summer spending a ton of time doing all sorts of wonderful things. So much so that we are NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER ready for school to start until the minute the bell rings. It's a horrible cycle. But, it is what it is.
Good Summer? Check. Back to School? Check.

And now that we are a few weeks in, I feel like I am back in to a groove. You know what has really helped that? WALKING. It's so therapeutic. I head out each day once I drop my son at school and walk through our town with my shopping bags and do my daily errands and listen to my podcasts or playlists of choice and get my head in the game. I am essentially getting my walking groove back!

So, am I on target to make this crazy goal of 2,015 miles in 2015? With 106 days left in the year and 613 miles left...that's a little more than 5 miles a day! Still ambitious but so is making everyone in the world aware of Epilepsy and Seizure 101 and Purple Day Every Day and look at where we are only 8 years later. (Don't know that story, check us out: So, yeah, 613 miles? WATCH ME!

And, join me!! Don't forget to send me your miles! And I am coordinating some type of event for December 30th to finish of the year (and my miles) with a (purple!) bang! Stay tuned...

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